Dandelion Day Community Foraging Project w/ Tastes and Winemaking

🌼Dandelion Day is a foraging project that depends on you! We have gotten so many requests to make dandelion wine, that we figured we better make dandelion wine.

🌼We cant forage that much on our own, so we are asking all of our friends, neighbors and the community to pitch in to celebrate this underappreciated flowering plant.

What we need from you:
🌼Go harvest as many dandelion flowers as you can and bring them to us!

This is your chance to be a part of the old world tradition of making communal wine or village wine. We will release the wine one year later and of course you are invited back to taste the wine, bring more flowers and help the cycle will continue.

🌼As a THANK YOU 🙏 We will be providing complimentary dandelion taster bites, including fried dandelion flowers, dandelion stalk quick pickles and dandelion greens pesto.

We will also have the amazing Cousin Maine Lobster Truck on site all day and the Botanist & Barrel tasting room will be open and giving extra winery/cidery tours, so you can make a nice afternoon out of your visit.

🍷This day will also be the first releases of our new offshoot DEFI WINES. These are zero/zero natural wines and piquettes, so come out and try some natural wine.