DéFi Wines Mixed 3 pack for Virtual Tasting Launch 5/28/20

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Includes special introductory offer of one of each of the following bottles (Wine will not be available for shipping, delivery or pick up at the winery until May 15th)

2019 DéFi ‘Bottled Up Opinions’ Rose 750mL Medium bodied rosé with freshly picked red berries up front, floral white flowers on the nose and mouthwatering citrus notes on the finish. The not-so-secret blend is 72% Mourvèdre rose, 25% Traminette 3% Merlot.

2019 DéFi Pink Pet Nat Pinot Gris 750mL Hand sorted and destemmed, this Pinot Gris was made with the only the best clusters of grapes. Extended contact on the skins gives the finished wine a delicate pink hue, from the natural color of the pink skinned grapes. Made in the pet nat style (also know as méthode ancestrale, the oldest form of making sparkling wines.) Natural bubbles bring this mineral driven rose to life. Only 90 bottles made.

2019 DéFi Mouvédre Piquette 750mL Piquette is a fresh young fizzy table wine. It’s an old tradition made by rehydrating grape pommace and then pressing off the juice. Giving the grapes a second life is part of our food waste reduction philosophy. We prefer a very light first pressing, which allows for a richer more delicious piquette. Our piquettes are fermented with native yeast, showing southern terroir, earthy bright fruit and a touch of funk.

On Thursday May 28th at 7pm, grab your 3 pack of DéFi Wines and join winemakers Amie Fields and Lyndon Smith hosted by Max Trujillo and Matt Weiss of F&B Podcast for a virtual tasting experience! We will be launching the new DéFi brand, love child of Botanist and Barrel. We are so excited to taste and discuss with you how these special NC wines were made and the process behind blending the 2019 ‘Bottled up Opinions’ Rose in collaboration with Matt and Max!

Pre-register for Zoom Meeting here-

Join Zoom Meeting- May 28th at 7pm

Meeting ID: 817 7250 2271

Discounted Introductory offer Expires June 4th or when sold out

Limited amount of bottles available