Lyndon’s Favorite Variety Pack: Local Craft Beer + Botanist Ciders

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Love Variety?  Lyndon Does!  This is a you and yours or a yours and theirs variety pack if you have a beer loving and cider loving household.
Comes with the following:
1 of each
FullSteam Rocket Science 12oz can
Durty Bull Lager 12oz can
Free Range Cream of the Crop Cream Ale 12oz can
Southern Pines Brewing Misty Haze NE Pale Ale 12oz can
Zillicoah Geist Berliner Style Weisse Ale 750ml bottle
Botanist & Barrel Sun of Pomme 12oz can
Botanist & Barrel Rose Seriously Dry 12 oz can
Botanist & Barrel Tart Blueberry Cider 375ml bottle
Botanist & Barrel Skin Contact Wild Fermented Cherry Cider 375ml bottle
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