Old School Snack Pack Valentines Pairing (Home Delivery)


Remember elementary school when we all traded Valentine’s Day cards in school? We remember that some years were sweet and some some were salty!!
So for Vday 2021 we want to take you back to when the most important thing was getting that one card from your crush or when your eyes burned from all the tears when it didn’t come.
Say hello to the Old School Snack Pack cider flight pairing!
While we are keeping the exact snacks a secret till Vday, it may or may not include, gushers, fruit by the foot, bugles, funyuns, cheese balls, you get the idea. You’ll be able to see how sweet and salty pairings play with a flight of different style ciders, for a unique but nostalgic pairing experience.
Snack Pack Bag with 4 snacks, 2 salty and 2 sweet.
4 x 375ml bottles paired to the snacks!


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