Piq n Pomme 375ml (cider/piquette hybrid)


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Piq N Pomme’ is an cider/piquette hybrid made in collaboration with Red Clay Ciderworks.   Head Cidermaker, Jay from Red Clay paid us a visit to help us blend this innovative cider/wine hybrid made with the 2019 vintage of Traminette Piquette.  Its lemonade cider!

The artwork is an anonomyous piece entitled “Love and graces coming from London.” It depicts vintage Parisian customs and costumes and the piece seems particularly relevant as commentary about our modern divided society. We hope to be a place of unity and equality. A place where conversation and the sharing of ideas flows as freely as the cider does. So we present to you a blend, “a coming together” of piquette and cider.

Piquette is a fresh young fizzy table wine. It’s an old tradition made by rehydrating grape pommace and then pressing off the juice. Giving the grapes a second life is part of our food waste reduction philosophy. We prefer a very light first pressing, which allows for a richer more delicious piquette. Our piquettes are fermented with native yeast, showing southern terroir, earthy bright fruit and a touch of funk.

375 mL

6.9% ABV