Pommelier’s Picks of the month – 12 pk/375mls

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Amie our in house certified Pommelier’s picks of the month! You’ll receive a special discount on this case! A great intro into Botanist and Barrel ciders. Enjoy this super limited curated package while it lasts!

**Includes 375ml bottles of –

‘Less is More’ Pet Nat cider -A natural cider fermented with wild yeast on the apple skins using the Pétillant Naturel technique creating a beautiful fine bubble as it ages in the bottle.

Tart Blueberry cider -Estate grown organic blueberries co-fermented with apple creates a beautifully balanced delicate and dry rose cider. Bottle conditioned.

Skin Contact -Wild fermented cider aged on montmorency cherry skins. This luxurious rose cider has a subtle nutty undertone with a deep cherry finish. Bottle Conditioned.

Sparkling Blackberry Cider -Botanist style sour, whole fruit fermented Hendersonville blackberries co-fermented with apple. Dry, tart and rose in color, a delicately refreshing sour cider.

Sparkling Strawberry Cider -Sweet Carolina strawberries co-fermented with our house cider blend, unfiltered, bottle conditioned to a super light bubbly haze. Fruity, fresh and crushable.

Lady in Pink -Single variety Pink Lady apples aged in Apricot Whiskey wine barrel.

Grapes have Feelings -Zinfandel barrel fermented NC Muscadine wine, blended with Chardonnay barrel fermented cider creating a beautiful blend with a sense of place.

Aunt Ginny -Southern apple cider aged in Few Gin Barrels for 3 months and bottle conditioned. Tastes like apple skins infused with refreshing botanicals and zesty juniper.

Basq in the Glory -Inspired by traditional Basque style ciders. It’s raw, wild, hazy, funky, sour, and spontaneously fermented. Appalachia meets Basque y’all. Topa!

Collusion Coconut Rum Barrel -Our house cider rested in fresh coconut rum barrel. Creamy coconut and molasses shine. Cider cocktail anyone?

Collusion Cranberry Bourbon -Tart mouthwatering cranberry balances out the vanilla and bourbon finish. Each sip shows layers of something new, still cider, great for using in a cocktail.

Emanation Apple – Traditional still style cider made from cold pressed cider apples. Bone dry with crisp acidity, stone fruit and a clean finish.